Installare Windows 10 Technical Preview su Raspberry Pi 2

Una piccola guida per i veri "makers"

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Windows 10 offers powerful tools for the development quick and distribution in the devices. Anyone willing to create, invent, amaze himself and others, thanks to the new Windows API. Devices 10 Windows will do it. All allowing developers to harness the power of Windows and at the same time to interact with the real world via for example sensors and actuators.

Let's get to work.

What we need

  • With system Windows Insider 10 Preview – physical machine, not Virtual Machine
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Micro power supply 5V USB micro USB with at least a current of 1A
  • Micro SD card from at least 8 GB (preferably 10 Class)
  • HDMI Cable
  • Rj45 Ethernet Cable

Transfer Windows 10 IoT c. i. Preview in SD

Microsoft has provided Windows integrated, 10, a utility through which you can transfer an operating system image IoT 10 Core Windows Insider Preview in an SD card. The following steps can be performed only on a system that is already running Windows from 10 build 10069 up.

Note: we need a physical Windows machine (and not a VM) because we need to access the SD card reader, and often is not available use with Virtualization Software.

Follow these steps to configure our SD card:

  1. Download the ISO for the Raspberry Pi 2 from the Microsoft Download Center.
  2. Save the ISO in a folder on the local hard
  3. Double-click the ISO (IoT Core RPi.iso) to automatically mount the image in a virtual CD reader to have access to the content.
  4. Install "Windows_10_IoT_Core_RPi2.msi". When the installation will be finished, the flash.ffu file will be located in "C:Program Files (x 86) Microsoft IoTFFURaspberryPi2"
  5. Eject the mounted ISO in virtual CD player
  6. Insert the SD card in the SD card reader.
  7. Use the IoTCoreImageHelper.exe utility to configure the SD card. To find the program you simply search on the Start menu "WindowsIoT" and select the link "WindowsIoTImageHelper"
  8. The tool will scan the devices as you can see in the screen. Select the SD card that you want to configure, and then seek the path to the image ffu. When you are ready click on the Flash button.Utility per flashare Windows 10 sul Raspberry
  9. Click the icon below Safely Remove Hardware (Safely remove Hardware) in the task tray and at this point we select the SD card reader to eject safely our ready Card for Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview.

Note: IoTCoreImageHelper.exe is the recommended tool to configure the SD card. Or you can do the same with the utility DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool) by following the instructions on the Microsoft site.

Prepare and connect the Raspberry

  1. Insert the micro SD card We have prepared in the Special connector (slot is on the opposite side of the board).
  2. Connect a network cable on board Ethernet port.
  3. Connect an HDMI cable in the Special connector, in order to connect it to a monitor.
  4. Connect the power cord the micro USB port of Raspberry.Board Raspberry Pi2 pronta per Windows

Start Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview

  1. IoT 10 Core Windows Insider Preview will start automatically after connecting the power cord.
  2. In the first start, Windows Core will perform a small IoT initial configuration showing a blue screen (Do not interrupt the power supply during this phase!). After a few minutes the Raspberry will restart automatically. This will happen only the first time, after which the DefaultApp should appear, displaying the IP address and the data of Raspberry Pi 2.Windows 10 su Raspberry Pi2 al primo avvio
  3. Following the documentation of PowerShell You can use use the latter to connect to our device. You can also follow the education here to use an SSH connection and connect to the Raspberry.
  4. It is highly recommended update the password for the default Administrator account (old story).
  5. The Visual Studio Remote Debugger will automatically start on Raspberry Pi2 at system startup.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

> Because the screen appears cut off or crushed?

Can occur on some monitors. To fix this you can use a workaround to make the board work in DVI mode instead of HDMI. Insert the SD card into a PC and proceed to edit the file config EFIESP partition as follows:

hdmi_group = 2 # force using DVI timing

> Since you can prepare the SD even with DISM (Already present in Windows), can I use a Windows system 8.1 or earlier?

No. The version of DISM is different, so when we go to use the/applydrive command returns an error message. It is necessary to have Windows 10.

> Wifi and Bluetooth are supported on Windows 10 IoT Core Preview?

No. For the time being There is no support but developers are already working to integrate it in next updates.

Why is it recommended > SD from at least 8 GB? Need all this space?

The image of Windows 10 IoT Core is less than 1 GB8 GB recommended, serve to provide additional space to install additional content on the device.

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