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Your personal data have tremendous value, hide them.

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Between Facebook, Google, Amazon and some other Big our global personal data are no longer safe anywhere. If you are looking for information for protect your privacy When you are on the internet you are experienced in the article proper. This is not to use proxy, hide the address IP or use TOR for anonymous surfingbut simply changing habits and from one of the things that definitely We make when we are on web: search on search engines.

You know all those advertisements that follow you around the internet? Come from online tracking. You will also get paid different prices (history vera) based on profiles that companies build upon you. Nobody knows you better than Google.

Share your problems with the search engine and Google save them all with your profile, which is used by advertisers for bersagliarti everywhere targeted advertisingbecause Google's ads are present on millions of sites. But that's not all. Your saved searches can be legally required. "Anonymous" mode of your browser doesn't help you and even his deceptive setting "Do Not Track", I will thoroughly in an article where I will explain why.

DuckDuckGo search engine is anonymous and secure

DuckDuckGo logo ufficialeDuckDuckGo (abbreviated DDG) is a search engine of American invention that uses the information crowdsourcing from other sites, such as Wikipedia, in order to increase the results and to improve the relevance of the search. The philosophy of this search engine is mainly based on privacy: indeed It stores information about users ' searches.

The results of DuckDuckGo arise from a combination of over 100 sources, including DuckDuckBot (your crawler), Yahoo! Search BOSS, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, Bing, Yandex, Blekko and others.

DuckDuckGo defines itself as a search engine that brings up the privacy and does not store any IP address, does not record information about the user, uses cookies only when strictly necessary (for settings), and frees the user from the "recirculation bubble" and tracking.

Weinberg, the creator and developer, has refined the quality of the results of its search engine by removing the results of those companies that think they are brazen content producers whom Weinberg believed to have, "... the low-quality content specifically designed to improve its position in the Google search index." DuckDuckGo filters also pages with a excessive amount of advertising.

Community di DuckDuckGo il motore di ricerca sicuro

Screenshot of the Community site to DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo and Tor: the duo focused on safety

In August 2010 DuckDuckGo introduced a hidden address with an output node to search anonymously through Tor. This allows you to remain anonymous dealing with traffic through a series of encrypted relays. Weinberg He said: "I think this fits perfectly to our privacy. Using Tor and DDGNow you can stay anonymous so end-to-end in your searches. And if you decide to use our encrypted homepageYou also encrypted end-to-end. "

In June 2014, during the presentation of the 8 iOS, it emerged that the new Apple mobile devices will be able to take on Safari DuckDuckGo as an alternative to Google.

It is advisable to change Google or Bing in favor to DuckDuckGo?

Ricerca sicura con DuckDuckGo

I'd say yes, but it would be a subjective opinion of mine. The real answer is that "depends on“. If protecting your personal data is not important, the answer is no, if you want greater protection of their identity is. Today, personal data such as first name, last name, email address and telephone number they have become devalued. And this is obviously a evil! But if we rely on Smartphones Android where we almost the ’ obligation to use an address Google, and use Gmail and all other related services, then it becomes also unnecessary to ask the question of the confidentiality of their personal information and. ..

Your data and your identity are things you care. Wanting to open a small parenthesis, identity theft or misuse of an identity are crimes that may result in serious consequences both emotional and financial. The priority is to protect in the best of ways your personal information and act immediately in the event you become a victim of identity theft to minimize the damage.

In a nutshell then, it is always better to adopt strategies that preserve the disclosure or l storage ’ submitted by our data and our personal habits on the web.

If DuckDuckGo can help us to preserve our Privacy, then Why not use it? Try a search on

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