Aviator, un browser socorro by Whitehat

Aim Privacy and Anti Tracking

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If we make a comparison with a tangible place, Internet It wouldn't be exactly a place where you can be in complete safety. Many users have already learned that in order to stay in tranquility, you now must use tool and various Add-ons in order to strengthen our safety on the web (Firewall, Host filters, Ad blocker etc.).

In recent reports on threats of Symantec, are highlighted new trends affecting especially sensitive information, exploitation of vulnerabilities in new Web browser and attacks to blogs and sites that promote social contacts. Symantec same there that the traditional antivirus are dead, and now block only 45% of threats It currently in circulation.

Aviator, a browser that looks to safety

Aviator is a highly secure Web browser designed to protect user privacy that was initially released on OS X, to the Windows platform. The software was developed on the basis of Chromium in Santa Clara, California-based company WhiteHat Security (from years in the field of Web Security).

Aviator Screenshot

A small distinction of Aviator

Let's explore what the punti forza di Whitout Aviator:

  • The browser is modern, highly customizable, standards compliant, with full support for private browsing (by default).
  • Is based on open-source code Chromium and so adds in any extension of Google Chrome also on WhiteHat Aviator
  • Is distributed directly with everything you need for a secure browsing. Just open WhiteHat Aviator to have privacy and security protected already by default.
  • Delete hidden partition. Protects the privacy by blocking the monitoring from advertisers and social media company thanks all ’ extension Disconnect.
  • Block advertising, because as Specifies the company, do not cooperate with other marketing company selling click and statistics about users.
  • Prevents unwanted access to your PC by blocking malicious Web pages and uses technology "Sand boxed“.
Aviator e le estensioni di Chrome

Chrome App Store on Aviator

Do-Not-Track, other browsers and Aviator

The Do Not Track is an http header that tells the server the ’ user preferences regarding collection of his navigation data, a collection that is used for example in the case of personalized advertising. Default is always active on the Aviator.

While many browsers support Do-Not-Track rarely, the latter is enabled by default, and in addition, this option is often hidden in the bottom of the advanced settings. Google Chrome, for example, "buries" the Do-Not-Track and clearly States on its website that does not support the ’ initiative.

Because the Google web site refuses to support this functionality also including privacy in your browser? The answer is clear: your privacy contrasts with the business model by Google

Benchmark compared to other browsers

After testing the Aviator for a couple of days ago, I picked up browser statistics by performing different Benchmark available on the net. The result was phenomenal, as Aviator proves to be a viable competitor to the three major Web browsers. Here are the results of the tests:

Aviator Benchmark

Data on Web Browser benchmarks with Aviator

Latest comments on Aviator

Whitehat Aviator is a very good browser, that although born just doesn't have a great Gap compared to the most popular Browser. It's definitely a software that I recommend for anyone wanting to work or surf the Internet in total safety. However cannot enjoy the same Google development team or Mozilla Foundation then will come with a small delay when compared to rivals.

The advice that I give to the public is to install the extension Adblock or AdBlock Plusbecause inherently Aviator can't block all advertising!

Download Aviator from the official site

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